© Hyeseon Jeong 2009-2016

There is a dense forest
Experimental fiction, 7:31min, 2017, HD

Everyone knows there is a forest. there is no name, no information, no entry and no space.
The actual forest is located in central Seoul, South Korea. By Korea online map services this area is shown some strange topography. Some buildings and streets are disappear on the map. Instead, the fake and expanded forest is covering the area. In fact, South Korean government doesn’t allow to access sensitive geographical informations about the security of military facilities – specifically North Korea. Thus South Korea denied a request by Alphabet Inc.’s Google to export accurate digital-map data from the country. Not only restricting the digital map data but entering the actual forest is also regularly limited offline because of a military training. Eventually the virtual forest was born by Korean political issue and exists only in Korea online maps, even though this area is originally displayed on Google map. This is also clearly shown how could be manipulated the digital data by certain authorities. We need to know the intrinsic attribute of digital data such as variable mutations, obscure origins and anonymity. As someone's desire it could be transformed silently and quickly into the next goal.
The story of film based on the above facts. The fictive protagonists – resident, food blogger, taxi driver and german antique collector play in virtual Seoul without knowing the truth of fake forest. While they approach their own purpose, the forest comes up with an unexpected occurrence.

Der Wald im Zentrum von Seoul, Südkorea existiert im Netz aufgrund der Sicherheitspolitik nur aus Pixeln. Eine Bewohnerin, ein Food-Blogger, ein Taxifahrer und ein Antiquitätensammler spielen eine Rolle im virtuellen Raum. Sie haben im Wald etwas erlebt oder über ihn erfahren.


Director, writer and editor: Hyeseon Jeong
Game artwork : Steam Workshop ELVIS0529
Music : Infinite//Meadow, Synthetic//Pines, Hidden//Street : STAQQ OVERFLO
Sound effect : Hyeseon Jeong
Sound mix : Bernd Zimmermann
Supervision : Rotraut Pape, Hans Bernhard


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